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Earth Day

What a wonderful time that we spent together discussing all the ways that we can care for our planet. As a whole school, we gathered to talk about how important the earth is to us all and the ways in which we can show respect for our planet. Many students came up with ways that they could make an impact and they committed to turning off lights when they leave a room or making sure to turn off the water faucet.

We split up into smaller groups and ventured outdoors where we cleaned the school grounds and the neighbourhood! We made sure to do this safely and it was truly rewarding.

Take a peek at a few aspects of our Earth Day activities.

Not only did the students come away understanding the importance of caring for our planet, the message also carried over into one of community, respect, responsibility and accountability. These are all themes that cross over into our character curriculum.

All in all a great day with a wonderful outcome!


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