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Project Friday

PROJECT FRIDAY is a time when our entire school assembles for a morning filled with learning and hands-on activities. This happens across grade levels and it is cross-curricular, meaning we address a variety of subjects and integrate them all into the sessions. Our well planned and thought out lessons include a wide range of topics and can be anything from math, language, or science based, it often begins with a book and always has an element of our very strong and well developed character curriculum.

Students are placed in groups of various ages, and each group will visit all of the stations that are set up.


Below is a video that shares some of the aspects of our morning together.

Whole group ice breakers and team work.

Painting a flower garden and making tissue paper flowers.

Helping Hands and Planting Seeds

The students also experienced time outdoors within their groups and they cleaned the grounds around the school and in our play space where we will be planting our vegetable garden.

Once assembled at the end of our morning together we asked the students what they learned.

"I never planted seeds before."

"I liked working with friends in different classes."

"It felt good to clean up our space."

"I liked painting."

Stay tuned for more Kingsley Project Fridays and updates on our garden!


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