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Reading Buddies

Leadership and mentoring by older students is an important aspect of our school community. Starting in our kindergarten groups, Kingsley's character curriculum helps build a strong foundation for being a good citizen. Students learn in a variety of ways the golden rule of treating others the way you wish to be treated. it is as simple as that.

As they get older, students learn and grasp the importance of modelling positive behaviour for younger students. The older grades become mentors and leaders by helping younger students, by the way they speak to one another, and by the manner in which they go about their days in general.

Not only is this a matter of incidental interactions between our younger and older students, we also create ways to do this intentionally.

Reading Buddies is a great example of how we work together across grades and it is a wonderful way to promote leadership and literacy. The older students are positively empowered and the younger students make new friends and have mentors to help guide them.

Sometimes the older student even has the younger student read to them so that they can encourage their progress.

There are so many benefits to this type of interaction. Here is an inside look at Reading Buddies in action.


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