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Welcome to Kingsley School's Blog!

We are Etobicoke's best kept secret.

Here is where you will get a first hand glimpse into what happens behind the scenes at Kingsley School. You will see how we engage our students, the methods we use, how and what we teach. We will also share an occasional view of learning through the eyes of our students.

A Bit About Us

Kingsley School is an Independent School that has been offering small class sizes (capped at 12) in a nurturing environment since 1981.

Our dedicated staff are passionate, well trained and creative. We strive to set up each student for success, and to make learning engaging while building their self-confidence. We hope that you will enjoy learning more about us through our blogging!

We're Open!

We are thrilled to be able to give you the inside scoop so that you can better understand who we are and what we do. Want even more information? Feel free to book a tour and have all your questions answered.


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